This I just had to share with those who visit often. I got an early birthday gift this year! To some it might sound ridiculous but to me it is just AWESOME. Everyone who knows me knows I have 3 favorite bands. The main one is Firewind, an incredible power metal band who I have been listening to since 2007.
Tonight I opened my inbox to find them (Yes the actual band) following me on Twitter! I am very greatful for this as I am a mere nobody on the planet earth so to have my favorite band following me is over the top!
Thank you Firewind! You made my birthday this year something to celebrate!


Ross Paradoxalsoul Corbin
12/16/2011 11:15

I think this is awesome! They are an incredible band, long surpassed most of the other PM bands out there. Gus G is awesome!

K9Gear-Trey Dakota
12/16/2011 20:28

Thanks Ross, I agree 100%


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