From all of us here at K9Country, Happy Easter and may God Be with you.
The K9Chronicles forum is now open.  I am satisfied with the new design and hope it will bring something for everyone.  On a different note, I see the Dr. again this week so he can evaluate my progress since last month.  Well friends, I still can't walk but I have gained back some weight and am feeling a bit better emotionally. 
Strength training and physical therapy will begin hopefully in the upcoming few weeks so I will keep you posted.  My battle with RA goes on, and so do I.  
I would also like to  say that our thoughts and prayers go out to Whitney Houston's family, Trayvon Martin's family and to the families of those lost aboard the Costa Concordia ship. So many tragedies in life, so much pain and suffering, and one God to handle it all. 
Our thoughts and prayers are always with our troops and their families and for all those suffering for what seems so endlessly, you are not alone and you all have our prayers, always.
Have a great week everyone and God Bless.
Good Morning and Happy Monday. Today is a day of giving many many thanks. First to God for all those who have helped keep me as sane as possible this past two weeks. Secondly for keeping us safe through the rush of deadly tornados that swept through and side swiped us. Thirdly for helping me find a decent doctor finally, and for the new wheelchair which I am hoping to be up out of one day soon. 
It's too early to tell when that will be with physical therapy now available, and a downgrade with the Rheumatoid Arthritis affecting my knees so painfully, I finally have hope again. 
My second set of thanks go out to my favorite band Firewind.  I have been listening to their music almost non stop and it has kept me going, kept me from just giving up and accepting things I shouldn't have accepted.  
My next set of thanks go out to a group of Dj's from back home who like Firewind don't know me from Adam, but without knowing it have kept me going, kept me laughing, smiling and believing it's going to be okay. 
Last but not ever least, my best friend of 20 years, she sees my bad side, dark side and good side and is still here helping me without blinking an eye. My dear friend and someone I have sorely missed in Holland,  who shares her world, music and life with me daily. The sister of my heart who is there just to listen and gives me a reason to keep kicking.  And my whacky cousin who reminds me every day who I am and who I can still be, thanks Buck. 
And to  my 4 legged children, these wonderful adorable pups who love me unconditionally no matter what I'm going through, all of these people mentioned to me are gifts, rare gifts of God and ones I am very very thankful for. 
Might sound cornballish or fluffy bunny but trust me, it's not. I am just very very thankful for ALL of them. 
I have not worked much on either website although I will be, later this week. I will try to keep everyone posted and will post updates as often as possible.
All this being said, have a Great week and be safe.
Still not feeling the greatest but at least I'm still here so that counts for something. I have been craving cookies for weeks so I'm going to share this site, take a look and see for yourself how easy it is to crave good eats.  Cookies
It's been awhile since I last posted, I had been very busy and getting much accomplished and then wham. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis means no day will be like the day before. One day you can be feeling at the top of the game and the next day be crushed along the sidelines.  Before we moved to Kentucky I would have never dreamed that 8 years later I would be in a wheelchair unable to walk, stand or even take a baby step. I have been trying to adjust but for the past week or so I have just had no energy to speak of. I am however hoping to get back to work on my book and my designs soon so please be patient. For my Facebook and Twitter friends, don't count me out just yet, God is still working with me, and I will be
Well, anyone who knows us knows we love Halloween and over the years had all but given up celebrating it.  However when something lives within you, you can't just toss it aside and act as if it was never there, so... most people know I started a Halloween website wayyyyyyy back in 98.  It has been lost and gone until recently and I finally found enough of myself to get it going again.  Keep tabs, good things are on the way for ALL of your Halloween needs, wants and just plain FUN side.
As each idea forms into reality, I will keep everyone posted here on the blog so check back often.
Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday but I'm not watching it.  I have other things to do and they don't include football but to my cousin I give a big shoutout! Enjoy the game bro, glad you were able to get there!
Thing that makes you wonder why people don't use their own imaginations instead of copying after yours or what you have or what you do.  Especially when some sit and watch you just to see what you are going to do next, I swear they have binoculars. 
I guess we are popular around here?  Alas, it matters not because once you see through someone, nothing they do, or say is important.  
On to today, good things planned and in the works. The garden is going to be great and new design ideas are being created daily. 
 I am hoping to have some photos up by mid month of the bookmarks and headbands, so check back for that later this month.  On a health note, my legs are feeling much better, much stronger and I am standing a bit easier albeit still with help, but there are definite improvements, so for this I am very thankful.  Today is a good day and all is well. Nice change from dramatics and falsehoods.  Life is an amazing journey, glad to share it with those who care. 
Have a great day!
It rained all day today which seriously muffed plans of planting. Even the dogs seemed depressed about it.  
Healing physically seems slow and painful but often emotional healing is even harder.  I spent a few hours today listening to Firewind not just because they are my favorite band but because their music always makes me feel. 
 I either feel good because I'm relating or I feel stronger because I know I can and will heal, this wheelchair is temporary. I know most people don't get that but it makes sense to me. 
From Ozzy's "Diary of a Madman" to Firewind's "Broken" on to Divinefire's "The Ressurection", my head is reeling with thoughts. Remembering when I could walk and run, play out in the rain with the dogs, live life in the wide open spaces that all seem so far away now. 
 I don't post a lot of my inner self on Twitter but I do here.  It's good therapy when the rain brings you too much time to sit and think.  I'm finally getting to know me, someone I have not known for a long long time now. 
I try to learn from everyone because in many ways every person has something to teach you. One thing Gus G and the awesome Firewind have taught me is this,  it's going to be okay.
For Monday today was pretty good.  It has been super windy all day so not much got done outside, still drying out from last weeks torrential downpours.  We are again staring down the barrel of tornadic weather season, last year in April it got pretty wild.  By the Graces of God we didn't have many problems but each year mother nature up's her steroid usage and the weather becomes even more unpredictable.  We never know after dark what is looming out there in the wide open spaces.  This is where our trust and faith in God has to be very strong and ingrained in our lives, without we would have nothing.  I also must admit that since cutting loose all of our "friends" as THEY called themselves our days are smoother and our lives getting back on an even keel.  Personally, I need no audience and will not be someone else's audience just so they can feel better about themselves or hide from reality or live vicariously through a game or bottle.  Being free is GOOD.  Will I pray for them? Yes but that doesn't mean we are doormats or designated drivers for their intoxicated egos.  
On a business note, our designs will be completed by end of May and will be available here on K9Country by mid June so keep an eye out for that!  And don't forget to look us up on Twitter just to say hello!
Goodnight and God Bless.