"Things are different, I'm making changes."  I have been lmao for weeks over hearing this. Leopards don't change their spots and whiners don't go far without their "blame someone else" BS. Yes, some people DO change, but only when they realize and ADMIT they are part of the problem too.  I know very few if any who do this. 
I have however seen petty, selfish and just plain greedy, whiney people over the last few weeks and I decided that for me and my family, enough is enough.  Far too long have we dealt with these people who call themselves a friend and have remarkably proven that wrong. 
So, that being said, our lives have in fact been changing and all those who have served to muddy the waters, PRETEND like anything about us matters or have just downright lied to us, on us or about us have been cut loose, bye bye, see ya.  We have started over with ALL new everything and surprisingly enough are doing MUCH better emotionally, physically and spiritually. This makes me more certain than ever that we are FINALLY walking in the right direction. Long overdue I'd say. So, I'm off to finish my book and get it sent off, whoever visits here, have a GREAT weekend and God Bless you and yours. 
Oh and for you self hating non believers out there, if ya don't believe in God, don't steal religious graphics, quotes or sayings off sites, it makes you look hypocritical and confused. You know who you are, Nuff said.
1/28/2012 10:25:39 am

I agree with this cousin, I see these types all over and they disgust me. Half of them can't survive the day without a captive audience and someone as desperate as they are to fuel them. You have all you need and that is what counts, people who genuinely love and accept you with no strings attached. Let the posers find someone else to leech off of.

1/30/2012 11:17:48 am

Thanks Buck, you are 100% correct about some people needing a captive audience, I see that now and dude, I'm just not going there anymore. The "I did nothing wrong" types who are just greedy and petty, enough is enough, let them stay in their little dementia and I'll stay in mine. Good riddance!


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