For Monday today was pretty good.  It has been super windy all day so not much got done outside, still drying out from last weeks torrential downpours.  We are again staring down the barrel of tornadic weather season, last year in April it got pretty wild.  By the Graces of God we didn't have many problems but each year mother nature up's her steroid usage and the weather becomes even more unpredictable.  We never know after dark what is looming out there in the wide open spaces.  This is where our trust and faith in God has to be very strong and ingrained in our lives, without we would have nothing.  I also must admit that since cutting loose all of our "friends" as THEY called themselves our days are smoother and our lives getting back on an even keel.  Personally, I need no audience and will not be someone else's audience just so they can feel better about themselves or hide from reality or live vicariously through a game or bottle.  Being free is GOOD.  Will I pray for them? Yes but that doesn't mean we are doormats or designated drivers for their intoxicated egos.  
On a business note, our designs will be completed by end of May and will be available here on K9Country by mid June so keep an eye out for that!  And don't forget to look us up on Twitter just to say hello!
Goodnight and God Bless.

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