The K9Chronicles forum is now open.  I am satisfied with the new design and hope it will bring something for everyone.  On a different note, I see the Dr. again this week so he can evaluate my progress since last month.  Well friends, I still can't walk but I have gained back some weight and am feeling a bit better emotionally. 
Strength training and physical therapy will begin hopefully in the upcoming few weeks so I will keep you posted.  My battle with RA goes on, and so do I.  
I would also like to  say that our thoughts and prayers go out to Whitney Houston's family, Trayvon Martin's family and to the families of those lost aboard the Costa Concordia ship. So many tragedies in life, so much pain and suffering, and one God to handle it all. 
Our thoughts and prayers are always with our troops and their families and for all those suffering for what seems so endlessly, you are not alone and you all have our prayers, always.
Have a great week everyone and God Bless.

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