It rained all day today which seriously muffed plans of planting. Even the dogs seemed depressed about it.  
Healing physically seems slow and painful but often emotional healing is even harder.  I spent a few hours today listening to Firewind not just because they are my favorite band but because their music always makes me feel. 
 I either feel good because I'm relating or I feel stronger because I know I can and will heal, this wheelchair is temporary. I know most people don't get that but it makes sense to me. 
From Ozzy's "Diary of a Madman" to Firewind's "Broken" on to Divinefire's "The Ressurection", my head is reeling with thoughts. Remembering when I could walk and run, play out in the rain with the dogs, live life in the wide open spaces that all seem so far away now. 
 I don't post a lot of my inner self on Twitter but I do here.  It's good therapy when the rain brings you too much time to sit and think.  I'm finally getting to know me, someone I have not known for a long long time now. 
I try to learn from everyone because in many ways every person has something to teach you. One thing Gus G and the awesome Firewind have taught me is this,  it's going to be okay.

I am glad to see you have found some peace in your world. A good start indeed


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