I am usually a pretty easy going person and don't judge other people for any reason unless they mean to cause harm to my loved ones, but lately (very recently) I have yet again been "called out" by a bunch of "Christians" over my Halloween website. Okay here's the deal once and for all just so I can vent this, NO OFFENSE meant to anyone.

I am not an ordinary Christian, in fact I am not a Christian by today's standards at all, I am like everybody else a child of God, period plain simple. For those who do not believe in a God that is your choice and I do not hold your beliefs against you.  I do believe in him and I have to say quite frankly it's the non believers or "fence riders" who don't judge me, funny those good and moral "Christians" do. Says all I need to know about that.

I am not perfect, I sin, I make mistakes like everyone else, I am not evil nor do I practice evil, I love Halloween so sue me. I run a Halloween website, whoopty doo. I also run a Pet site, and forum.

I have about had it with these religious bigots, NOT what God designed and it's the so called self made Christians causing so much atheisim in our society, not that they would ever admit to THAT. Just my opinion.

When non believers and non christians treat me with more respect than the religious christians out there, something somewhere is very very wrong.

Just sayin'

Don't get me wrong here, there are some good and decent Christians out there who are taking the hits for the not so Christian Christians, but they are few and far between from what I have been seeing, hearing and experiencing.  My relationship with God is between God and I, not a selective group of judgemental arrogant so called Christians. God does not tolerate arrogance so think about that for awhile those who are judging me for a HALLOWEEN oriented website. A site by the way that is about, HALLOWEEN.

To all those who do not judge me and have shown me respect regardless of their beliefs I thank you and you will get the same from me in return, always.

Rant over-Peace out.

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