Growing up my siblings used to tell me that my pain was just an illusion. My Sen-Sai on the other hand said pain is a warning sign something has happened and the body is re-acting to it. Something that goes against our body and it's natural defenses causes pain. It's kind of like that where God is concerned too.
Think of God as the body and we are going against him, his correction and discipline can often be very painful to us. Although I was born with Rheumatoid Arthritis, it did not really begin causing me pain until after a sports injury when I was 19. Pain causes various emotions, anger being one of the biggest. I used to be become not just angry but enraged when I felt that God was distant from me. I cried out in pain from the RA and because I didn't understand why God had left me in a time I needed him the most. It took a long time to realize God had not left me, I had left him.
The patience to wait for God to answer was just not there for me, so I turned away from him. In doing so I only had more pain and confusion and discontent. God does not turn away from us, he waits for us to recognize his signs and to repent our sins, ask for forgiveness and accept his son Jesus as our Saviour. Life is going to bring pain and loss and negative situations and emotions. It is up to us to take measures so that our lives have as little pain as possible. Start by remembering that there is a way, asking God to help you through your pain, whatever the cause, will surely bring a more positive reaction.

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