Today marks 30 years since my mother passed away. It has been a day of thinking, reflecting and again putting things into perspective. Life is too short a journey to whine and complain and be angry, to avoid dealing with everyday challenges and just doing the best you can.
My mother had problems, health as well as emotional but she always smiled and tried to give back to others what God had given to her, even if it was only a smile for a frantic cashier or spare change for a homeless man or woman, she never turned away.
She was a gifted woman, an R.N> of 25 years and she loved to sew, quilt and make special gifts for those who had so little.  A very dear friend said today on my FB that she was an angel watching over now, I pray that is true and I pray I can be a better person she would be proud of.
I don't think I ever told her enough, but I'm greatful to have had her as my mom. May God give her wings to guide her home to him.
12/15/2011 05:49:22 pm

I think she would be proud of you, and what you are trying to do.. make yourself better through GOD.


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