I got quite a bit done on the site today inspite of being up all night and sleeping much later than I had wanted. I want to thank those friends who have supported me through the making of this website. Your emotional support and participation has made it worth the time. For those who know of some of the problems we have been dealing with, the good news is that we will FINALLY have running water by the end of the weekend! We are still trying to figure out what to do first, swimming is out since winter has moved in :P
Nothing else to really report today, but I will up all night again tonight so look for me either around here or Twitter. I have stayed away from FB today for personal reasons but will check that out later or tomorrow. Have a great weekend and again, Thank you for caring, you know who you are... and so do I.
Buck Dakota
12/9/2011 21:09:34

I enjoy visiting your sites, always something new and interesting as well as inspirational.

12/10/2011 06:17:19

You have worked hard on your site's and it shows. I know it isn't easy to deal with all you have been going through, and I know it causes fear and other emotions you didn't think you would have to go through. I'm just happy that you and I are still here even through all the garbage, childishness, idiocy, etc..
Good Job on this site and on GN-7 ! ! !


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