Thing that makes you wonder why people don't use their own imaginations instead of copying after yours or what you have or what you do.  Especially when some sit and watch you just to see what you are going to do next, I swear they have binoculars. 
I guess we are popular around here?  Alas, it matters not because once you see through someone, nothing they do, or say is important.  
On to today, good things planned and in the works. The garden is going to be great and new design ideas are being created daily. 
 I am hoping to have some photos up by mid month of the bookmarks and headbands, so check back for that later this month.  On a health note, my legs are feeling much better, much stronger and I am standing a bit easier albeit still with help, but there are definite improvements, so for this I am very thankful.  Today is a good day and all is well. Nice change from dramatics and falsehoods.  Life is an amazing journey, glad to share it with those who care. 
Have a great day!

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