Good Morning and Happy Monday. Today is a day of giving many many thanks. First to God for all those who have helped keep me as sane as possible this past two weeks. Secondly for keeping us safe through the rush of deadly tornados that swept through and side swiped us. Thirdly for helping me find a decent doctor finally, and for the new wheelchair which I am hoping to be up out of one day soon. 
It's too early to tell when that will be with physical therapy now available, and a downgrade with the Rheumatoid Arthritis affecting my knees so painfully, I finally have hope again. 
My second set of thanks go out to my favorite band Firewind.  I have been listening to their music almost non stop and it has kept me going, kept me from just giving up and accepting things I shouldn't have accepted.  
My next set of thanks go out to a group of Dj's from back home who like Firewind don't know me from Adam, but without knowing it have kept me going, kept me laughing, smiling and believing it's going to be okay. 
Last but not ever least, my best friend of 20 years, she sees my bad side, dark side and good side and is still here helping me without blinking an eye. My dear friend and someone I have sorely missed in Holland,  who shares her world, music and life with me daily. The sister of my heart who is there just to listen and gives me a reason to keep kicking.  And my whacky cousin who reminds me every day who I am and who I can still be, thanks Buck. 
And to  my 4 legged children, these wonderful adorable pups who love me unconditionally no matter what I'm going through, all of these people mentioned to me are gifts, rare gifts of God and ones I am very very thankful for. 
Might sound cornballish or fluffy bunny but trust me, it's not. I am just very very thankful for ALL of them. 
I have not worked much on either website although I will be, later this week. I will try to keep everyone posted and will post updates as often as possible.
All this being said, have a Great week and be safe.

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